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Bing, Boom, Bong! Wtf is

The silent but hot night kept me up. What better way to let out the steam but look for some action on the internet. And it was indeed ACTION in capital letters when I found myself in It was like a smack in the face experience. When I got to this adult website, I knew for sure that this is where a lot of steamy things are going on. This is very apparent in how the site is set up. Nobody would ever think it is anything but hot when bigger images of models, or should I say performers, are plastered all over the page.

A Lusty Welcome

The main page features the models/ performers who are currently live streaming. It does offer a wide choice from solo to couples to groups. The images are not thumbnails but rather a screenshot of whatever is going on in the chat rooms. I tried to let my cursor hover in the images and once I do that, it activates the screen of that particular chat room. In that case, I can have a glimpse of what is actually going on in there. The page is quite straightforward. There are not that many frills. It seems like it is just there to satisfy the carnal desires of anyone regardless of preferences. Tabs can be found on top of large thumbnails and these would lead the user to another page where all the models can be seen, how to become a model, and the viewing history. Then there is the tab for categories.

Choices Galore

Hover on the categories tab and the list unfolds. It will definitely make it easy for anyone to check out the chat rooms of their desire. The list is pretty comprehensive from anal play to bondage to group sex…the list goes on. Other than these tabs, there are still more filters such as females, males, couples, and transsexuals. New models or performers are also given their own sub-group. There’s also the Spy Mode which will allow users to what else, but spy on the private chats and group chats. I did not try out this feature though. Why should I spy on them when I can just participate outright?

Chat Room High

The chat rooms are also interactive in the sense that the viewer and I really mean that in its literal sense. Again, the viewer can participate by gifting the performers some tokens as tips. Let’s just say though that in many cases, that would be the extent of their interaction. They get to have a semblance of control on whatever toys or machines are available whenever they send the tips. There are chat rooms in which the participants really chat but in most of the ones that I was able to check out, it was basically the model performing acts with toys and machines. Yes, you got it right. Fucking machines are quite common on this web site.

One good thing though is that the model’s profile is quite visible with info like their preferences, turn-ons, what they do on cam and even their social media profile. At the same time, a chatbot is activated the moment you get to the chat rooms. Now the camera screen. I am not quite a techie but I can appreciate the fact that a smaller screen that provides different views from different angles can be found in some chat rooms.

Promos, Specials, Whatnots!

Going back to the main page, an All Promotions tab can be found and that’s basically where all the BongaCams promos are featured. Bonuses are given for purchases or referrals made. One thing for sure is that this is the page that will encourage lusty individuals to part with their money in exchange for tokens that can be used for whatever purposes they so desire. There are competitions as well among the model-performers with hard cash as a prize among others. It’s safe to say that this is where the top ones can be found.

The Top Ones

BongaCams would often have more than a thousand live model - performers at any given time. Why the big number? Well, it can be said that becoming a model or performer can be quite lucrative with some of them earning as much as 5 digits in dollars in a month. That is indeed big. I guess, that might be one of the reasons why there are those who would have a more elaborate set-up. It really seems like a live performer’s stage.


One of the things that can be a turn off for me would be the pop-ups and reminders. I can understand that the site needs to make money but then having to deal with it whenever there’s a lull or sometimes even when just watching whatever goes on in the chat room can be too much. Another bummer? There’s a limit to the number of videos/views a guest can have. A free account should be created just to check more things out.

The Verdict

This site will be truly a delight for those who are looking for something more graphic. The categories are indeed wider and will definitely appeal to those with specific preferences. For those who would like to give free rein to their lustful desires and make money, then this is it for them. Take it a bit easy on the pop-ups though.

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