The CamFox Interview With WildRosexxx


Today, Camfox Interviewed WildRoseXxX on BongaCams, an interview we won’t soon forget. What a wonderful woman she is. Although English isn’t her first language, this interview is unedited. So if you talk to her this is what you can expect. Work through the language barrier and find yourself a queen.

CamFox: How long have you been performing on cam?

WildRose18xxx: a little more than 3 weeks

CamFox: so what inspired you to perform on cam?

WildRose18xxx: During the quarantine, I wanted to find a job at home i start to search for online jobs.. I always wanted to be some kind of model and this was the perfect way for working from home and earn some money

I wanted to explore myself, my skills, and other people i am studying for pshyhotherapist..have a lot of dreams but behind that, I am trying always to put some realistic goals to be an independent person work and live life

Still never know what happened in life..everything is unexpected so i spontaneously stuff can happen too

CamFox: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever been asked to do?

WildRose18xxx: well… when we say the “most craziest ” that’s pretty much debatable

WildRose18xxx: Everyone have own limits so i think we should respect each other s differences and fetish .. some of them are maybe afraid to say that in real life or they cant bcs of wife or something like that i think that these girls are here for that ..

to satisfy some fetishes or fantasies

but of course, depends

i had one old guy and he was jurking off and fucking his asshole at same time

having a wife too
so i guess that she doesn’t know that …but okay that not even my business.

im here to satisfy everyones wish and make all cock happy and balls happy

CamFox: woah, this is awesome!
you’re a killer huh?

WildRose18xxx: by the way I also did not know some stuff about sex but this job help me to enjoy more in sex, and also to understand others people and their sexual choices and personalities


killing cock yes
just kidding
so some stuff i still did not learned but i believe i will have time for that

CamFox: Tell me why people should not just fall in love with you immediately. you’re beautiful and have a nice sex drive. doesn’t that make men go crazy over you?

WildRose18xxx : oh that’s interesting question

what means love? loving something is really hard and its not just a word the time u will feel it.. and thanks for u r compliment but its not about how i am looking.. it’s important who i am like the person

this is first based on sex.. and sex world

were people exploring there bodies, thought and mind

CamFox: Personally, i would love to have sex with you. do you think that it is ever possible for a fan to do that. Why, or why not?

WildRose18xxx: *laughing”  and when we talk about possibilities. Are you the owner of Camfox, why are you doing this?

CamFox: yeah im the owner and i just spent $300 on our interview haha

CamFox: what is the most you made in one day?

WildRose18xxx: Earning can really depend..sometimes a guy with tokens can show up and u have a “sex” with him and u earn 100 dollars lets say for example

WildRose18xxx: and sometimes a lot of guys can give it a small number of tokens and u still reach for example 100 dollars
Its not allowed to say the exact number but one day I earned around 6000 tokens

CamFox: how far have you gone on cam?
CamFox: do you do anal?
CamFox: what are your personal limits?

WildRose18xxx: well.. we all have our limits and feelings..people who don’t have choices in life they are prepared for everything..
honesty when i started i was afraid even to show my face.. but by the time i realized that there is nothing bad working this.. this is sex.. just one force u to do something that u don’t want

WildRose18xxx: i never did anal..i am really tight that and thats what i am saying to my members too

CamFox: What part of your body would you be comfortable showing us, and can you show it? would you show camfox your tits?

The answer was yes and that was the end of the interview. What a great woman, it was a pleasure to interview this absolute cam fox.

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