The Best 30+ CMNF Porn Pictures & Gifs


“Clothed males, naked female” is what CMNF means. At first, maybe a little bit strange but when you think about it, isn’t it kind of hot? A woman, among men is vulnerable to begin with. But for a woman to be nude in the presence of a clothed man, adds another dimension to the power gap. Which is extremely arousing to many.

Sex and power are intertwined. The more power a man has, the better quality of foxes he can spread his seed to. That’s the core of the CMNF fetish. In that spirit, here’s 30+ real CMNF pictures and gifs you’ll find extremely arousing.

CMNF Fox #1

This babe is bartending nude, serving customers as a regular bartender, however, completely butt naked and fully exposed as patrons order their drinks. You can’t help but think deep down inside how vulnerable she must feel having her nude body fully exposed to random strangers, coming and going all night. Must be great for business though.

CMNF Fox #2

Can’t quite say where this took place but it seems to be somewhere in Canada based on that “ScotiaBank” signage in the background. Either way, this naked fox seems to be having a great time. The dudes too. Hard to have a bad time with naked girls and sunshine around you.

Here she is, at it again. Making more people happy with her natural publically exposed beauty. We now see that this picture was taken in California, not Canada. Which makes a lot more sense.


CMNF Fox #3

I’m not sure who’s bolder, the man out walking around with the naked hot fox, or the naked hot fox. I suppose they’re both obviously quite bold. It’s hard to ignore how this naked fox must feel, walking fully exposed outside for strangers to glare at her private parts with their own discretion.


CMNF Fox #4

Please tell me which charter boat cruise this was, if anyone knows, use the contact us page to send your dear old friend, The Cam Fox a message. I will take a personal tour and document it for another article on The Cam Fox. Not even joking. I need to get out more anyway.

CMNF Fox #5

Here’s a hot, young brave fox publically exposing herself fully at a huge social event. The event itself gives off a “biker vibe”, which usually is pretty accepting. But seriously damn she’s hot. To be that hot, and naked at a group event, alone in front of hundreds of clothed men and women….she’s either very comfortable with herself or desperately in need of money.

CMNF Fox #6

Not sure the story behind this hot naked fox, but she’s clearly naked and shaved with clothed patrons surrounding her in a bar/ diner setting. Wonder if she ended up spreading her legs for pictures with everyone that night?

CMNF Fox #7

This hot blonde fox sucks a clothed man’s cock, while completely naked. Spoiler alert, he finishes in her mouth. What a good little fox she is.

CMNF Fox #8

This hot blonde fox got bare ass nude at a club while clothed, male patrons freely groped her big tits and shaved pussy. What an absolute delight. Foxes, if you’re ever feeling as though you want to steal the limelight, in any particular situation, get naked and be confident. Everyone in the room will love you. Aside from maybe the more tame, jealous foxes around.

CMNF Fox #9

This hot fox walked into a public icecream shop completely nude, to order some frogurt. Must have been a chilly experience for her. Not only that, but exposing her fully nude female body to confused 9-5 shop workers would have created a very strange social dynamic. You can see she clearly doesn’t care. And as we all know, confidence is key to owning a room, naked or not.

CMNF Fox #10

Party time for this naked cam fox! The men around her are in some kind of labourer uniform. We can only assume she was granting them a full exposed view of her bum, vagina and tits as a reward to a friend in the group for all of their hard work! Guaranteed, the boss put her up to it to rally the boys. We can see team spirit all around in this CMNF image.

CMNF Fox #11

This female journalist learned a harsh lesson about who holds the real power in this town. Go sniffing around the wrong fox holes looking for a story and you’re bound to wind up like her, interrogated naked while forced to fully spread her legs while her picture is taken by clothed, authoritarian men.

CMNF Fox #12

Seems like a nude beach filled with naked babes with shaved pussies, but maybe these girls were just running around a normal beach naked. Love that shaved pussy on the front girl and the two candid ass shots of the two in the background.

CMNF Fox #13

This fox here’s got her butthole exposed if you look close (which the cam fox is). While these dudes drink on and others play foosball, this naked female steals the show by sitting bare ass naked on a foosball machine.

CMNF Fox #14

This fox here is a classy one, posing elegantly for pictures. She’s naked some kind of outdoor outing. The only one nude. A lot of the clothed viewers around her will notice her facial beauty, but won’t ignore the unkempt nature of her pussy hair. Did she grow it out on purpose as a last-ditch effort to hide in plain sight?

CMNF Fox #15

This fox was professionally shot, which goes against the rules of this post. But this one in particular caught the foxes attention, as she’s being dragged around like an animal while her wide open ass and pussy gets filmed as she begs around on the floor at her owners command. A true testament to the core of CMNF porn.

CMNF Fox #16

This here was a pride parade. The fox normally supports lesbians and all sexual preferences equally. But, the fox definitely prefers naked lesbians expressing themselves out in public amongst a clothed crowd. The sheer eroticism of it is astronomical.

CMNF Fox #17

This fox masturbates for another fox, not a man this time. However, this video is still within the spirit of the posts. A hot fox, fully exposing her genitals, rubbing them and pleasuring herself while a clothed female simply watches. Hot, hot, hot!

CMNF Fox #18

WOW! Being the center act amongst a bunch of clothed men, while nude in front of a massive, screaming audience really hits the nail on the head. This foxy babe exposed herself as much as one could.

CMNF Fox #19

The slave must do as the master orders. Maybe it was time to take her out for her daily walk. Keeping a fox chained up inside surely isn’t healthy. This good man is making sure she stays nice and fit.

CMNF Fox #20

A close encounter as the janitor enters the sauna while a nude fox was unexpectedly exposing her shaved vagina. Her eyes stare at him with excitement.

CMNF Fox #21

This naked fox seems to be happy outside in the cold. What perfectly gorgeous nude body she has, and that bare pussy on a cold winters day just begs for the warmth of a hot cock or slurping mouth.

CMNF Fox #23

Apparently, this fox prefers to study nude. It helps her concentrate. Padre on the left obliged but seemed a little too shy to make a move. Maybe he’s her beta male orbiter friend who sits and obeys as she does what she pleases without any fear of sexual reprocaution.

CMNF Fox #24

This seems like a pretty fun protest for the cops. I couldn’t imagine being in uniform around a hot young, naked hippy girl flaunting her nude pussy around a public space, without being able to detain her for a thorough body cavity search.

CMNF Fox #25

These two just finished a photo shoot. The naked fox happily shares a toothbrush with the old guy, out of the kindness of her sweet heart.

CMNF Fox #26

Another party fox, up on the stage, naked an drunk in front of a crowd of horny men who can’t pounce on her. Are you getting the impression that women naturally love opportunities to get naked, but don’t have enough to do so in public due to their fear of rape?

CMNF Fox #27

Not only is she working at a bar naked, but her pussy is also totally shaved. There’s no deeper level of public exposure available here. She’s totally exposed for all the customers to see.

CMNF Fox #28

Smile for the camera. Full nude and fully spread out in public while clothed men hold her naked body up for the camera.

CMNF Fox #29

This chicks pretty milfy looking. Very skinny and hot too! Looks like her sober stepson there in the background trying to be nice and smile for the picture while he takes care of drunk mommy.

CMNF Fox #30

Completely bent over, exposing her asshole and shaved pussy in front of a giant public crowd of men. It looks like a lot of pictures are being taken as well.

CMNF Fox #31

Not only is this fox naked with a bunch of clothed males, she’s stranded in the middle of the ocean on a boat with nowhere to go. Look at that beautiful shaved cunt too. Yummy yum.

CMNF Fox #31

Just having a casual conversation with everyone while completely naked at a bar.

That’s it Folks

Hopefully you didn’t actually read this far and got off by now. If not, feel free to scroll back up and go around again for round 2.

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