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What's the Point of

Everyone knows the name, just like FaceBook, although it's kind of got a sullied reputation. And that is because it's pretty much filled to the brim with smut.

However, from a logistic perspective, Omegle is pretty cool. It's a place you can go and meet random strangers, either on video or in text chat. Omegle is pretty famous, so there are people chatting from around the world. No joke, iv'e met hot asian babes on omegle who stripped nude for me just because they were horny and needed a man to show their goods to.

It doesn't happen all the time but it can happen. It's mostly a sex chat site. You'll realize that when you get there, most of the user cams are dudes jacking off waiting for a hot fox to get nude for them them so they can finish their biz.

If you happen to be a hot fox and want to use omegle to find a quick dude to sexually arouse yourself with online then you're definitely in the right place lol. You can pick and chose from literally millions.

If You're a Man Using Omegle Then....

You need patience. You might click "next" 400 times before you find a beauty, and that number is pretty generous. But hey, if you're bored, why not? Just click next until your thumbs are sore. There are babes to find on Omegle, they're out there. You just have to look.

You might be gay, in which case there are a lot of dudes out there readily fapping away on cam ready to have a jerk off session with another companion.

You can use the "interested" bar to refine your search to find other people looking for the same thing. Maybe you want someone to talk to about animals, or LEGO, go ahead and search it. You'll be connected with other people searching for the same thing.

Omegle College Chat

A lot of bored, or drunk college students use Omegle as well. There's a specific filter on the main page too enter your school. You'll be connected with other students from the same area, and who knows what you'll find? Maybe some hot babe that wants to fuck, or a friend to go out and drink tea with.

Some Philosophy

Omegle is all about chatting with strangers on the internet. You never know what you'll find but I'll say one thing, which is also a good piece of advice to remember throughout your life regardless of if you're fapping around on the internet. "No one's stranger than the stranger". What does that even mean?

I heard it a long time ago while traveling, a good friend and mentor told it to me. I turned it around in my mind for a while, like any good lesson.

The realization was that you're just as strange as the stranger. So why not have fun? Why not be ridiculous and over the top? Why not make life exciting and fun for everyone around you? After all, you're a stranger. You can re-invent yourself whenever you want and as much as you want. Omegle is a great place to practice before heading off into real life.

Be crazy, be silly, be rediculous. Express yourself like a maniac if you must. You're in the surroundings of the strangers around you. Why not make a strong impact?


The Fox Approves's

  • Great place to re-invent yourself
  • 100% free
  • Can filter your searches and find people interested in what you like

The Fox Disapproves's

  • There are a lot of dicks to sit through

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