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Meet In Chat Review

Adult sex chat rooms get a pretty bad rap, and frankly, many of them deserve it. Tons of them out there are filled with fakes, scammers, and bots. Even if there are humans on the site, they’re mostly horny men with almost no females. A fucking sad wasteland.

But don’t give up just yet. Cam Fox has discovered an adult chat site that actually works as advertised, and it’s called Meet In Chat. And no, it’s not a cam site. But it’s not a pure chat board either. So, what the hell is it? Read this Meet In Chat review and find out!

What is Meet In Chat?

Again, not a cam site nor just an anonymous message forum. Meet In Chat features a diverse selection of adult-themed chat rooms where you can talk to other people, post blogs, join voice chats, or share steamy pics. It’s more of an adult chat community, which is a nice change.

While there’s a friendly vibe going on at Meet In Chat, the adult chat rooms can get pretty hardcore. Take the “Expose Your Wife” room, for instance. Husbands post hot, topless, or completely nude photos of their wife, and it’s all downloadable.

There’s a chat room for almost every turn on, including mature, latex and leather, nudists, role playing, trannies, upskirt photos. There are usual porn categories like MILFs, BBCs, GF swaps, 18+, and BBWs.

There are some very specific niches in there as well. There’s a chatroom for when you’re horny in the office. People who believe that Satan holds the key to sexual enlightenment. Seriously, the topics here cover everything from naughty to downright perverse, just the way Cam Fox likes it.

You can also create your own chat room. It can be about anything you fancy, as long as it’s legal. One of the best things about Meet In Chat is that while there’s a lot of freedom when it comes to raunchy topics, there’s also a high level of moderation. Users are expected to follow rules like:

  •         Only 18+ users allowed (anyone found under age are permanently banned)
  •         No posting, streaming or sharing copyrighted content
  •         Zero tolerance policy for sharing of any content portraying minors, even role-playing content
  •         No content depicting bestiality, rape, incest, cruelty, or violence
  •         No content promoting racism
  •         No harassment (including doxing)
  •         No spamming or flooding

It’s cool to find an adult chat site with such a well-defined set of rules. It keeps the scum out while keeping the raunchy fun alive.

No Registration Required to Chat

It’s free to use Meet In Chat, and you don’t even have to create an account to start chatting. However, only registered members can share photos and private messages. You can also customize your avatar and profile, verify your account, manage your friends list, and open a blog. That interactivity is the entire point of the platform, so registering just makes sense if you want to do more than lurk.

In addition, there’s premium membership available too. It’s really cheap and unlocks cool Meet In Chat features like creating special chat rooms, better visibility to other members, and removing all the ads.

There Are Actual REAL WOMEN in Meet in Chat

Typical adult chat rooms are so overloaded with horny guys, you can practically smell the ball sweat from the moment you land on the home page.

Thank the Cam Fox because I’ve found you guys a chat site that has real women! Yep, you can actually talk to flesh-and-blood females here. In fact, some rooms are even run by women.

If you want to talk to the ladies, just look them up by gender on the search page. It will then pull up a list of members, and you can click on any of the profiles. You can see if they’re online, and in which chat rooms they’re active during that time.

  •         Each member profile has personal stats info like:
  •         Whether they’re verified or verified
  •         When they last accessed the site
  •         When they signed up
  •         What they’re looking for on the site
  •         Height and weight
  •         Language
  •         Country
  •         A brief bio

Aside from women, you can also connect with men, transgenders, and couples. Simply click anyone’s avatar to send them a message. Are you getting annoyed by another user? Navigate on their profile and click on the “Ignore User” option. This will mute them from your notifications and messages.

Site Design - Sex Chat Navigation Made Easy

Meet In Chat’s site design is very modern, but a tad too orange for my taste. After browsing and chatting, the white and bright orange theme can be tiring to look at for some people. However, it does make you remember the site easily.

Aside from the colors, the rest of the site is well-designed. The homepage features the most popular chat rooms along with user reviews and blog posts. On the right side are all the members who are online at the same time as you are. Click on any avatar and start sex chatting.

Signing up is easy and takes a few seconds. On the sign-up page, you select your gender, write out a welcome message, and pick out an avatar. To finish creating your account, link a valid e-mail address and you can immediately start browsing Meet In Chat.

Meet in Chat: The Good and the Bad

After looking through the site, here are great and not-so-great features I found on Meet in Chat:

The Cam Fox’s Final Thoughts on Meet In Chat

Overall, I can confidently recommend Meet In Chat to you horny lads who are sick of fucking around on shitty adult chat sites. Meet in Chat offers a great variety of members, explicit chat rooms, downloadable images, and great moderating that makes it a pleasant site to be in. See it for yourself when you check out Meet In Chat!

The Fox Approves MeetInChat's

  •         Free to sign up and become a member
  •         Super cheap premium membership
  •         Excellent moderation and rules
  •         Good presence of real women
  •         Interesting explicit chat rooms
  •         Images are downloadable

The Fox Disapproves MeetInChat's

  •         Some chat rooms are empty
  •         The theme color can be too bright and tiring to look at for some users

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