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Chat Avenue

ChatAvenue! One of the biggest and most diverse random chat sites on our little planet. There are 20 main chat channels, designed to fulfil anyone and everyone's needs. But of course, remember, it's the fucking internet. You don't always get what you pay for, especially when it's free. We'll go over the main ChatAvenue chat channels here, the ones that are relevant to porn. Because, yeah, CamFox is a porn site, durr.

There are a lot of other channels that we won't go over but you can check them out yourself if you're so curious.

WARNING: This review may soon be out of date. ChatAvenue uses Flash, which is soon to be discontinued. I'm sure they'll switch over to another solution before the discontinuation. Let's see what happens.

ChatAvenue Adult Chat Channels

There's a variety of chat channels available for sexual things. If you're on CamFox, chances are, you're looking to fulfill some kind of sexual desire. So let's have a talk about those.

ChatAvenue Adult Chat

Adult chat on ChatAvenue is the primary resource for finding sexual contacts on ChatAvenue. It's labeled as such and is pretty damn straight forward. Perverts go there. Get your perv on and go hang around for a bit to see if you can stand up to the test. Maybe even find yourself a nice long term sex friend to jerk off to from time to time.

It happens. I found a hot Asian girl once, she was in med school, was lonely and horny and wanted to find someone who could turn her on. We did a few Skype video calls where she got naked but she realized I was recording it at one point and blocked me.

Pro Tip:  Skype tells the recipient if you're recording the call. Use OBS if you want to record naked girls on Skype.

ChatAvenue: SinglesChat

While the title of the chat is probably accurate, in that mostly single people hang out here, it's not a place for singles to find potential conception partners. It's more for, you're single, bored and want to hang out with other like minded people. There are some top dogs in this group, who hang out regularly. I won't mention their names, not because they hilariously threatened to sue me but rather because I don't remember their names. It's a very volatile group, but if you're a chill person I'm sure they'll be really nice to you.

ChatAvenue: Dating Chat

Again, a total shit show. Don't expect to find a hot date on ChatAvenues dating section, or even intelligent conversation. The people here are the absolute scum of the earth. They have nothing to do with their time other than hang out and make each other feel better for their sad existences. Oh, and maybe end up dating someone from the group 20 years down the line.

Let's Wrap This ChatAvenue Review up

CamFox personally went through a few chat channels, got to know the locals and the results were pretty much the same. I can only expect that the experience will be the same throughout the entire site, regardless of which category you chose. It's people who have too much time on their hands, not a lot of thoughts in their minds (but they think they are smart) and just pure uselessness everywhere around.

If you're bored and feeling numb toward the world, Chat-Avenue would probably be a good place to fit in. But please, CamFox implores you, don't stay there for long. Find ambition, find a purpose in life, find something to do that these people haven't. Go chat in Chat-Avenue to inspire you to do better than the cretons who prowl these forums. You're better than them, but you can use them to have fun while you climb your way up in the world.

The Fox Approves Chat Avenue's

  • Its free
  • there are always people around to chat

The Fox Disapproves Chat Avenue's

  • the people are subpar humans – scumbags if you will

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